I will be facilitating this week’s #LTHEchat on Open CPD…here is the blurb for the website:

Advances in learning technology in the last few years have meant that Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and events can now be shared across and beyond the education sector. Recent examples with a vocational focus have been the ‘Blended Learning Essentials’ and the ‘Embedding Practice’ courses run by Leeds University in collaboration with UCL and ALT on the Futurelearn platform. There are other examples from the HE sector such as the BYOD course, The 10 Days of Twitter, The 12 Apps of Christmas and events like this one, the #LTHEchat.

The possibility that HEIs can open up their CPD courses/events has potential advantages to both the host institutions and the participant joining the CPD activity. ‘Bite sized’ CPD courses can be delivered online which enables busy lecturers to participate when they have the time and energy. Courses and events can also be adapted and reinvented to the needs of the specific institution if the content is shared using a Creative Commons licence. The breadth of experiences, insights and perspectives these open CPD courses/events generate enriches the conversation and discussion around education issues and has enabled collaborative learning communities across institutions, subjects and even geographical spaces.

This week’s Twitter chat will discuss how staff training can been done differently in an ‘open’ learning environment, exploring the pros and cons of open CPD and what impact this has on the student’s learning experience.

See you Wednesday, same time, same place – 8-9PM (GMT+1) #LTHEchat