Digital scholar

I’ve just signed up for the The Geneva Learning Foundation’s course on the  #DigitalScholar.

Here’s some of the blurb about the course:

“What is special about this course?

The course addresses the growing need for rapid, low-cost development of digital learning courses, a tangible sign of the ongoing digital transformation of learning, education and training (LET).”

“What will you do in this course?

Each participant will develop a project outline for their own scalable, digital learning course. In the course of developing this project, participants will:

Explore and reflect on how teaching and learning are currently organized across different industries.
Distinguish learning approaches based on information transmission from knowledge co-construction.
Explore the relevance of knowledge co-construction for your industry.
Compare Scholar’s co-construction approach with other learning environments or management systems that you have used.
Determine the use cases for Scholar in your own context.
Identify and describe your market (audience), learning objectives, structure and organization, and other aspects needed to outline their own digital learning course.I

I’ve already got a few ideas but if anyone is interested in developing a course across different institutions please get in touch!