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Do you want to make your Blackboard module more engaging for your students? Learn how to create an engaging front page for your module, embed a ‘BoB video, integrate Lynda.com, survey your students, create and embed engaging PowerPoint’s, add a ‘sign-up’ list or add social media (Twitter, Pinterest) into your course.
If so then sign up for this short course:
· Starts 4th July 2016.
· 10 minutes per day for 10 days.
· Fully online so that you can do the course any time of the day.
· Open to all academic staff here at RUL

How this course works…

Tour de Blackboard is an online programme for staff at Regent’s University and starts on 4th July 2016. It is tailored for academic staff at Regent’s but open to all other staff members too (librarians, student support staff and others).

We will be covering the basics and some more advanced features of Blackboard.

Over the ten days of the programme, we will publish a task at 10am, so that you can work through it whenever you have ten minutes or more spare in the day. Don’t worry if you get a bit left behind – you can always catch up!

If you are using Twitter you can follow us @TdeB2016 use the hashtag #TdeB to connect up with others on the course.

If you would like to join the course email us at blackboard@regents.ac.uk.