TdeB stats week 1

I knew that the timing for our CPD course was possibly the worst time of the year. The start of July is not a good time for staff training in a university – not just because teaching has finished and there is very little reason to come into the university but because lecturers fill so exhausted at the end of the academic year. However, I just wanted to build a ‘prototype’ version of the course and I felt it a good time to experiment with just a few participants on the course. We did very little advertising for it too, just an advert on the intranet and some posters at the staff conference and I was really only expecting 5 or 10 max to sign up for it. In the end we got 19 which is about twice as many as i was expecting.

It must too early to get a full picture of whats been happening on the TdeB course but the above diagram shows us one indicator of the participants engagement. In the first week Monday 4th July 9am until Monday 11th July 9am it has had 920 hits on the course….not bad at all. It does show that the participants are at least going and having a look. Not surprisingly the main areas they are looking at are the activities on the various ‘stages’. Quite a few have introduced themselves on the ‘hello’ section but there hasn’t been any activity on the discussions boards

It will be interesting to see if this level of engagement keeps up in the second week of the course..we shall see:).