I’ve had a good couple of days meeting new students and doing induction sessions on how to use our university VLE. Working closely with the library team here at Regent’s we give ALL new students a 10 minute tour of Blackboard and a 10 minute overview of the library services. After the talks they get to do 4 short 5 minute activities. Our one was to download the Poll Everywhere app and then answer a quick question on the talk:


This was a quick and simple task which they really enjoyed doing!

This morning I also helped a couple of lecturers on the Global Management course use Poll Everywhere in a slightly different way. They wanted the student to discuss some typical scenarios and how students should respond to them.


I liked the idea of giving the scenario – its gives the students plenty of opportunity to discuss the issue before they start voting.

We have got another week of inductions and will carry on using the PE app – it certainly gets away from the students being ‘talked at’ all the time in the induction week!