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Great session using Poll Everywhere (classroom voting system) on the Global perspectives module here at Regent’s Uni. We had over 200 first year students in the room studying a variety of courses (Business, Fashion, Languages, Film etc) and the course they are studying is compulsory module in their first year. They had already had a small tutorial last week this is the first time they are all together in one room.


Before the session started I gave them a short reminder on how to vote – either using the app, texting or the browser. We had a couple of introductory questions – these were multiple-choice and gave them a gentle reminder of what the course was all about but its also useful for getting the students used to voting using their devices. This worked really smoothly and then Rob Johnson moved onto his dilemmas which was really the main learning activity of the session. The fourth option above was asking the audience if they learnt best in large lectures (like the one they were in!) – interestingly enough only 3% voted for this option.

Below are the 4 dilemmas that the students discussed. Rob explained the dilemma and then gave them 5 minutes to discuss the issue with their neighbors and then they voted.






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Using this ‘dilemma technique’ really make the session interactive. Students were willing to pick up the microphones and make contributions and they really seemed interested in seeing the results of their voting revealed.

From my own perspectives I was really interested in what the lecturers in the room thought of the activity. Twenty or so lecturers had a short de-briefing session once the students had left. There were loads of positive comments about the session (and a few negatives) but what I found interesting was that there was little or no talk about the technology – it was all about the pedagogy and the students engagement – this is when tech works best, when lecturers don’t even see it as a n issue worth mentioning!