We had a great day yesterday using Google Expedition virtual reality here at Regent’s Uni. Over the course of the day we had 22 half hour sessions introducing Google Expedition to staff and students. We had three facilitators from Google who gave us some training in the morning and then introduced the sessions throughout the day.

Although the format remained the same for each session it was really interesting to see how each group (and lecturer) reacted to the VR experience (will try and do another blog post on this – time permitting)

Other universities are doing some interesting work too in this area:

Leeds University are using virtual worlds to teach field trip skills –



Chris Skinner has blogged about his work using VR to build demonstrations of flood risks:

Birmingham Business School are using a 3D social learning environment called ALiS at the moment –  http://mirrador.com or http://mirrador.com/alis

Sarah Jones at Coventry University is doing a lot of interesting work in this area using 360 video, virtual reality, and gamification and bringing them all together to create learning scenarios across the Coventry University campus- details of her Facebook group are here:


VR in the Classroom: Early lessons learned from Google Expeditions: