Launching Friday 21 October, 13:00 – 14:00 – Acland 201

Drinks provided, bring your own lunch!

New for 2016-17: The Regent’s Teaching Forum
The Teaching Forum will provide a monthly time and space dedicated to teaching and learning and improving our practice. It will include both short, pre-planned ‘show-and-tell’ sessions, showcasing good ideas, but also an opportunity for staff to bring teaching problems and have them brainstormed by the group. Technology-enhanced learning staff and members of the Academic Practice Hub will be present to offer advice and/or facilitate the conversations.

Teaching Forum Launch: Virtual Reality & Education at Regent’s
Last month, Google Expeditions came to Regent’s allowing just under 400 staff and students to try out their Virtual Reality toolkit designed for the classroom. The Google Expeditions team were impressed with our passion and enthusiasm. It is certainly clear that our staff are keen to explore new opportunities and interested in the ways that new technologies can enhance teaching and learning.
Amidst all the excitement, we were doing our research. First, we asked staff and students to share their views in a survey, and we carefully observed how staff and students use and respond to virtual reality – all to understand how VR can fit with blended learning and changing digital literacies.
Drawing from the results of this research, there are some findings worth looking at more closely. For example, although everyone was struck by a great variety of vibrant teaching and learning styles, it was clear that different stakeholders identified very different examples of success – students, technologists and academics pointed to different sometimes contradictory examples. What does this mean for blended learning and successful teaching? And how we can harness the excitement of VR and other technologies to enrich the classroom?
Come along, hear more and share your view.