Just heard that our proposal for the ALT Winter conference “Getting published on the ALT blog” has been accepted. It will be a 45 minute webinar on Weds 7th Dec. at 4.15. Full details will be on the conference website. and draft programme site.

“The conference will take place online between the 6 and 8 December, giving ALT Members an opportunity to highlight some of the work they and their community have been involved with and to gain feedback from peers. The format of the event is designed to be multimodal, combining both asynchronous and synchronous communication, and to cross boundaries, sharing the work and expertise across ALT SIGs and Members Groups and the community”

Here is the proposal:

Getting published on the ALT Blog.

In this webinar five of the ALT blog editors (Chris Rowell, Anne Hole, Santanu Vasant, Stella Ekebuisi and Howard Scott) will give a short presentation on how to get published on the ALT blog.

Firstly, we will give an overview of the types of posts published on the ALT blog.  These mainly consist of case studies, conference/event reports, SIG reports, book reviews, opinion pieces and articles about the ALT community.

Secondly, we will give some ‘top tips’ for writing a blog post. This will include advice about writing for the ALT audience. We will also address the style of the blog post and some general tips about what works when writing online. Also some tips on how to include images and videos into your writing.

Thirdly we will look at the ALT blog analytics. We will give you information about who looks at the blog and how the articles are disseminated across the online learning communities.

Fourthly, we will describe the role of the assistant editor who will be assigned to you. They will read your post for ‘blog-fit’, make suggestions on the style, help you add images using copyright, give it a final proofread and load your submission onto the blog.

To conclude, the final part of our presentation will discuss the benefits of getting published on the blog. So it might be to get exposure, especially if you are starting out, it’s a great way to get your name out into the ALT community. Or to share your knowledge with the community, an idea, a project, an app review (our community love a good app review!) Or it might be simply to build your confidence in blog writing.

The final 10 minutes of the webinar will be for discussion and Q & A with the participants.