Just got an email that my proposal for a short presentation at OER17 has been accepted:

This session will describe the process of evaluating an open online CPD course and to what extent the course had an impact on professional practice of the participants. The course was called the ‘12 Apps of Christmas’ and was run on Blackboard’s Open Education platform. The course fully embraced the concept of ‘openness’ and made all the content sharable using a Creative Commons licence. Each day over 12 days the course released a different app that could be used for teaching, learning or research. The app was accompanied with a ten minute activity and participants were encouraged to discuss how they used the apps within the course discussion boards and on social media.

The overall aim of this presentation will be two fold; to describe the mixed method research methodology and to discuss the findings of the research. The evaluation process used an adapted ‘open’ version of the Learning Environment, Learning Processes and Learning Outcomes (LEPO) framework (Phillips et.al. 2012). Three months after the course was completed an online survey was sent to participants asking them what impact the course had had on their professional practice as Lecturers, Librarians and Learning technologists working in Higher Education institutions. In addition to the survey 13 semi-structured interviews were conducted over a two months period. The transcripts of the interviews were coded and their findings along with the survey results will be presented in this talk.

The presentations will also address the limitations of the research and discuss the implications and recommendations for running similar open online CPD courses in the future.

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