Pre-course survey – results 2016.

1365 registered on the course – 674 completed the Pre-course survey.

Most participants heard about the course either from a friend/colleague (41%) or they received an email about it (35%). This probably indicates that 35% did the course in 2015 as I sent out an email using the 2015 course list. It’s also interesting that such a high proportion were recommended by a friend or colleague.

The gender split was (75%) Female and (23%) Male, (2%) Other. This is was surprising – the majority were teaching staff and women make up 45% of non-professorial academics (THES 13.6.13).

The majority were UK based (79%) but there were significant minorities in Europe (8%) and (9%) in Australasia.

In terms of employment (40%) were lecturers/Teachers, (27%) Librarians and (13%) Learning Technologists.

The biggest age groups were 46-55 yr olds (33%) and 36-45 yr olds (29%).

Most (79%) were expecting to do the course at work.

They were expecting to ‘find out more about apps’ (86%), ‘learn new things’ 84%, or ‘add a fresh perspective at my current work’ (68%).

(75%) had done an online course before.

End of course survey.

107 completed the end of course survey.

(28%) completed the whole course, (68%) took part in some of the course and (6%) didn’t take part in the course. The main reason for not completing the course was lack of time (64%).

In terms of social media (50%) used Twitter on the course – which I thought was a high figure. Also (4%) used Facebook and (5%) Google+.

They were very pleased with the course structure (62%) Very clear and 36%) thought it was Fairly clear. In terms of difficulty no one thought it was ‘Much too advanced’, (8%) ‘a bit too advanced’ and most found it ‘about right’ (82%).

In terms of time: (18%) spent less than 10 minutes a day, about 10 minutes (32%) and 10 to 30 mins (42%).

In terms of the overall experience 23%) thought it was Excellent, 56%) Good and 16%, OK 2% Poor.

(53%) found the examples very useful or somewhat useful (44%).

The top 3 apps that they were most likely to use again were: Kahoot (59%), Book Creator (29%) and Stop Motion Studio (28%)

Discussion Boards: (Total posts) (Total participants)

Give a brief introduction about yourself (709)(247)
Skitch/Sketch Discussion Board (188) (65)
Kahoot! Discussion Board (258) (120)
Stop Motion Studio Discussion Board (52) (25)
Snapchat Discussion Board (51) (29)
Habitica Discussion Board (78) (35)
Book Creator Discussion Board (78) (26)
Voki Discussion Board (41) (26)
The 12 Movies of Christmas (52) (25)
Lensoo Create Discussion Board (130) (49)
Google Cardboard discussion board (45) (17)
Sway discussion board (148) (54)
ThingLink Discussion board (43) (20)
Elfster/end of course (21) (8)