TitleEmergency Rations #EdTechRations: What’s so important we can’t leave it at home?
Editor: David Hopkins
Word count: 50,000
eBook: £4.93 / $6.00 / €5.68
Paperback: £17.50 / $22.50 / €21.00
Publish date: March 2017
Available: Paper and Kindle editions are available March, 2017.

“What’s so important we can’t leave it at home?”

This book is a collection of 43 world leading teachers, academics, influencers, critics and practitioners who have answered the question “have you ever walked out the door to go to work, the shops, the gym, etc. and realised you’d forgotten to pick up your smartphone? And then turned around and gone right back for it?”

Have you ever got half-way to work and panicked about how you’d survive the day without the device (or devices) you rely on so heavily (your smartphone, tablet, USB stick, Moleskine notebook, PowerBar charger, etc.)? Do you have a device you don’t mind being without, for a short time, but others you just can’t bear to be apart from?

That is what I mean by ‘emergency rations’ – the stuff you have with you in your life (personal and/or professional) that you would make the effort to go back and get if you’d forgotten it.

What kit do we carry around with us, as teachers, academics, Learning Technologists, Instructional Designers, managers, administrators, thought leaders, change-agents, etc.? What eventualities do we perceive are going to come our way?

As our lives get more digital and our devices get more diverse and hungry for power, we need to stay connected, topped-up, plugged in or just simply want to prepare for that day when faced with our audience, standing at the lectern and panicking because there is a VGA input taunting you, reminding you that you forgot to ask “I’ll be presenting from my tablet … is that OK?”

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