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I’ve just started putting together a new book on the use of social media in higher education and it will be out next year. After I contributed to David Hopkin’s book on Emergency Rations I felt inspired and that I could do something similar.

So back in June this year I emailed/DM’ed several people I have worked with or knew who used aspects of social media in different universities asking them if they wanted to contribute to the book. I had a great response and now the book is shaping up nicely. There are 22 chapters representing 21 different universities (plus JISC) and from a variey of different professions, lecturers, learning technologists, librarians, carrers advisors and senior managers.

Also I thought it would be a process worth blogging and tweeting about, which I will do over the the next few months.

Here are the chapter titles so far:

Professional practice.

Developing a professional online presence and effective network.

The digital, authentic you.

Putting the Digital in the Professional for Social Work Students.

Career development online – is ‘The real world’ losing its importance?

Exploring the tensions in personal and professional identity to enable authentic debate and dialogue.

Teaching and learning.

Exploring social media use as a distraction in the HE classroom.

Social Media and Digital Identity in Formative Assessment.

A Framework for teaching social media for staff and students in HE.

Modelled use of cloud tools and social media by academic developers.

Social Media And Its Potential Application to Creative Students.

‘But I already know that’: Teaching social media beyond the front page.

Digital Natives. Apocryphal abecedarians or disconnected day-dreamers?’


Leadership and Social Media: Challenge and Opportunity.

Twitter and University Leadership – Navigating PR, academic networking and social identity.

Building Networks

Building Cohort Identity through Social Media.

WeChat, WeLearn: using social media to support the experience of students on a year abroad.

Using social media to create a sense of belonging and ‘connectedness’ for first year undergraduate student arrivals in a School of Arts and Humanities.

Bursting out of the bubble: social media, openness and HE.

Perspectives on Networked and Open Scholarship: Affordances and Barriers.


Academics’ understanding of Learning Spaces: Attitudes, practices and outcomes explored through the use of Social Media.

Learning to Twalk: an analysis of a new learning environment.

Expertise in your ears; why you should jump on the podcasting bandwagon.

The Personal Journey

A Librarian’s experience of Twitter as a tool for continuous personal development.

The ‘Healthy Academic’, Social media and, a personal and professional journey.

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