On Wednesday 29th i’m doing a short webinar for the National Forum of Ireland on ‘Models of CPD’. Here are my slides:


Here is the full blurb from Tracy McKillen who is organising the event:

“As part of the UL 12 Apps of Christmas, a seminar involving Chris Rowell, developer of the original 12 Apps of Christmas and Michelle Breen, moderator and content creator for the Rudaí23 course, will take place on the 29th of November at 11am in the ITD Video Studio, GLG-043, Library Building.

This seminar will look at the effectiveness of two models of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – the 12 Apps of Christmas and Rudaí 23. Each speaker will present with reference to their own experiences on the development and running of structured non-accredited CPD courses aimed at staff in higher education. Chris Rowell (Academic Developer in Digital Enhanced Learning, London South Bank University) will discuss the 12 Apps of Christmas model which he created while at Regent’s University, London. Michelle Breen (Librarian, University of Limerick) will discuss Rudaí 23 and Open Digital Badges which are a feature of the Rudaí23 course this year. Rudaí23 is based on the 23 Things model that was originally designed by Helen Blowers for the staff of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library in 2006. http://rudai23.blogspot.com/

There is a continuous drive towards technology-enhanced learning, resulting in third level staff struggling from a lack of resources and time to develop digital skills. How can these two models of CPD address some of these issues? In Pilkington’s (2016) research on supporting CPD for lecturers, she found that there ‘has been a shift to smaller bite sized chunks of study that more closely align to instutional priorities.’

With this in mind, the general discussion of this seminar will focus on the impact of both models on peer learning, networking, digital skills and how they can help to identify opportunities for technology to support and enhance student learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Consider new approaches for those engaged in their own continuing professional development (CPD).
    · Explore ways to develop professional competence and personal confidence in digital skills.
    · Develop insights into the creation and running of online CPD initiatives from the experiences of the presenters.

The seminar will be webcast and I will post the link to the forum on Wednesday – it will be Day 5. Also, we will provide a link on the 12 Apps of Christmas 2017 Sulis site to the recording after the event”.