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On Friday I went an event at the University of the Arts London called Critical Creative Digital: Shaping the university in a networked era’. Overall it was an enjoyable day and I met some interesting people doing some very creative and imaginative things in digital spaces. Jane Norris (Associate Professor at the American University Richmond London) actually gave me a present! It was ‘Optimism as Resistance’ badge and in return I need to take a photo and then email it with the location and then Jane will add it to her Instagram page ‘optimism.janenorris’.

“The work explore the relationship betweeen physical and digital memes. It questions how and why objects might crossover tot he digital realm and what happens if they do. How online versions of objects provide a digital shadow that can become much larger than the original object”.

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I really like the ideas behind this project … It has given me some ideas of my own – how the interaction between the digital and physical mix and influence one another.

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