E and C shopping

Having moved to work at the Elephant and Castle recently at @lsbu I still find it a litle bit astonishing that there are plans well under way to knock down the the shopping centre. I know it doesn’t look great at the moment but with a litle bit of TC I think it could be brought back to its former glory…so here begins my one man campaign to keep Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre open. All well and good you may say! but what’s that got to do wih the content of your blog? Well it looks like that when they knock it down it will be replaced with new building for the London College of Communication ..part of the University of the Arts. Who will then flog off their existing building to more property developers – who no doubt will build more ‘luxury flats’, Leaons and Oliver Bonas. So my point being is that the LCC should be preserving iconic building like the shopping centre and their own building not errecting new glass, faceless buildings and destrying the local (mainly espanic) local community and networks.