Dr Jane Norris has a cross disciplinary background in Speculative Design, Critical Writing and Digital Media. Before joining Richmond University, she structured and led a BA Hons in 3D Design Craft for ten years, teaching material engagement and design theory. She has recently undertaken post-doctoral research in the Critical Writing department at the RCA. She gained her PhD: Viatopias – exploring the digital language of urban travel spaces. at Chelsea College of Art. UAL.


My current research focuses on writing a book Making Polychronic Objects – de-colonializing our relationship with materials. This research investigates the impact of digital theories of time, aerial viewpoints, crumpled time, object emergence and de-colonial making on our material use. My writing explores outside-enlightenment approaches to materiality in design, through tactics such as design fiction short stories, para-fictional public projects and sonic design fiction workshops. I develop ideas through near future fiction, magazine articles, academic papers in journals, and by contributing essays to books.