CoverYay! Finally sent off the book to the publishers!!!

It’d been a long process to get to the final stage. Last November I sent out a Tweet for contributers who would like to write a short chapter on a book entitled ‘Social Media in HE’. Initially I had 28 respondants. As the deadlines came for the abstracts, then the first draft in February and the final draft in May I finished with 20 completed chapters. This was a whole new experience for me and at times I felt like a teacher chasing up the class for their homework! But I have enjoyed the process and it does feel good to end up with a final manscript in my hand.

All together there are now 22 different chapters(including the Introduction), covering a wide variety of different topics. I’ve grouped them together into six different themes; professional practice, teaching and learning, leadership, building networks, innovation and the personal journey (as you can see from the contents page below).


There is still a while to go before we see the finished book. I’ve sent the book to Open Book Publishers who will now peer review the book and make decision about whether they want to print it or not. Also, I guess they might want further revisions or changes. They will take up to three months to review the book so I should know by November what decisions they have arrived at.

I have have chosen Open Book Publishers because of its commitment to making their books freely availble online:


Open Book Publishers, is a signatory of the Budapest Open Access Initiative (on this initiative and its aftermaths see Jean­-Claude Guédon’s Open Access: Toward the Internet of the Mind), participant in the OpenEdition project, and founding member of the Pure Open Access Alliance.