On Saturday I went to CND’s conference on ‘Future Wars: The Impact of New Technologies’. Its aim was to discuss the impact of new technologies on future wars, and the new challenges we’ll face as a result. I didn’t take any detailed notes but if you’re interested check out the links below.

Future wars 1 Future wars 3 Future wars 4

10.00 Welcome: Dave Webb, Chair CND
10.10 OPENING PLENARY: The shape of things to come
Chair: Carol Turner, Ted Seay, Stuart Parkinson, Steven Rose
Q&A part I, Arielle Denis, Jean Lambert MEP, Q&A part II

Here’s a link to a really useful article on defence funding in universities:


12.00 PLENARY: Militarisation of space
Chair: Cath Bann, Bruce Gagnon, Patrice Salzenstein, Q&A

About the speakers.

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