Thanks to everyone who came along to yesterday’s #Panoptothon.

Slides from the event:


Panoptothon 2020 session plan

Activity 1

Feedback from the session:

Q1. Which aspects of the workshop did you find particularly useful?

Finding out what other people are doing with Panopto.

Helpful to meet others and network. Good to see other examples.

Networking. Seeing others use the program and some of them are ones I can utilise.

Group discussion. Sharing ideas.

Cases presented by colleagues.

Sharing ideas from different areas.

Sharing ideas of future Panopto use.

I arrived late – talking to colleagues, listening.

Q2. Where there any aspects of the workshop that you did not find helpful or that we should change?

None. All useful.

No all good.

Longer sessions on implementing the programs.

Would like to see more detailed demonstrations.

None all tof them were useful.


No – met the need and expectation.

New to Panopto – just finding my feet.

Q3. Is there anything we could include in a future workshop that was not covered in the session?

Perhaps links to how to use Panopto. Something we can read when we have questions.

More practical set up issues or perhaps demonstrations of aspects of Panopt others have been using. How others are using editing.

Combining Panopto with other technologies.

Maybe a session of 10 mins to show the software in case one has never seen it.

Demonstration. Technical issues. How to share ideas in Panopto (online?).

Other examples of how Panopto has been used in the university

A simple approach to Panopto. 1. Simple recording 2. Editing 3. Moving files something like that (eg BBC bitesize revision) These things may already be available! (I indicated I was new)

Q4. Any other comments?

Brilliant and extremely helpful session. Thank you!

Not yet but will think of more.

Like the idea of workshops/presentations of future work and would like to be included.

Open floor to people to present ideas if possible.

Thank you for organising it.