Pubs & Cons

Recent Conference Presentations:

‘Short Open Online CPD Courses’. OER15. Cardiff. April 2015.

‘#10Dot: Evaluation and experience of running an online Twitter Training course’. SEDA Conference. Nottingham. November 2014.

‘Online Courses at Regent’s University London’. MELSIG. Sussex University. September 2014.

‘Not just for Christmas: using online courses to engage educators with open resources. CILIP’. Liverpool July 2015.

‘The Flipped Classroom’ with James Leahy. Regent’s University Staff Conference. June 2015.

‘Getting Started with Twitter’. Regent’s University Staff Conference. June 2015

‘Using Apps Online’. ROAD 2015 – R13 Online AL Development conference. Open University July 2015.

‘How to use Social and Digital Media in the Classroom’ – PlaceNet Master Class -Coventry University –  July 2015

‘Rosetta Stone – is it worth the hype?’. ALT. Manchester September 2015.

‘How to set up an Open Online CPD course’. OER16 Conference, Edinburgh University, 19-20th April 2016.

Case studies on fire! An overview of innovative technologies applied in HE and their effects on HE. Future EdTech Conference, London June 16th 2016.

‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: building on success in delivering online CPD with the 12 Apps of Christmas open course’. ARLG Conference, Aston University, 27th – 29th June, 2016

 ‘The ‘Flipped Induction’ – bridging the gap between enrolment and induction’. APT Conference. Greenwich University. 5th July 2016.

ALLEZ! ALLEZ! Vive le Tour de Blackboard. London Blackboard User Group. Regent’s University London. 8th July 2016

‘With a little help from my followers’ – Facilitating the #LTHEChat. #SocMed16 The Empowered Learner. Sheffield Hallum University. 16th December 2016.

MOOCs- A platform for e-learning – UCISA 60 mins tech talk – 3rd February 2017.

Do open online CPD courses have an impact on professional practice? OER17: The Politics of Open 5 & 6 April 2017, Resource for London.

“Digital Capabilities in action; shared experiences of implementing DigiCap programmes”. Student futures – equipping students to thrive in the digital era. UCISA Digital Capabilities Group (DCG) 25th May 2017. Southampton Solent University

Social Media and Digital Identity. Regent’s University London Teaching and Learning conference. London Friday 9th June 2017

Models of CPD. Staff webinar. University of Limerick, Ireland. 27th November 2017.

Walk this way…reflection on a #Twalk. #SocMed17: Making an Impact. Sheffield Hallum University. 19th December 2017.

Setting up a new WordPress Blog from scratch. PressED – A WordPress and Education, Pedagogy and Research Conference on Twitter (#pressedconf18). 29th March 2018.

Social Media in HE – the book. Social media in Higher Education 2018. Nottingham Trent University. 9th January 2019.

Running a WordPress blog for a professional association. PressED – A WordPress and Education, Pedagogy and Research Conference on Twitter (#pressedconf19). 18th April 201.

From a tweet, to a blog, to a book – writing an open access book. OER15. Galway. April 2019

Case studies on using the Panopto lecture capturing system. LSBU staff conference, June 2019.

Keynote Conference presentations:

‘Experiences of developing institutional digital capabilities’. Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln. 22nd June 2017

Recent Publications: 

Rowell, C. (2014). Ten Days of Twitter at Regent’s University. Educational Developments Issue 15.4 – 2014.

Rowell, C. (2014). Clickers in the classroom: The use of student response systems in teaching psychology. (with Ros Watling and Richard Clarke). Psychology Teaching Review. Vol 20 No. 2 Special Issue: Pedagogical action research.

Rowell,C. (2015). Reflections on 10 Days of Twitter for Regent’s University London. In: A. Middleton, ed.  ‘Smart learning: Teaching and learning with smartphones and tablets in post compulsory education’. Media-Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group and Sheffield Hallam University.

Horton, A. and Rowell, C., (2015). The Twelve Apps of Christmas case study [accessed 29/10/2015]. Available from: portfolio/casestudy-12aoc/

Rowell, C. (2015).  Reflections on the 12 Apps of Christmas. [accessed 20/1/2016] Available from:

Rowell, C (2016). The 12 Apps of Christmas. [accessed 14/10/16]. Available from:

Hall, J. and Rowell, C. (2016). Using Marx to discuss what we are doing when we do educational development – A more inclusive view of what it means to be a scholar? Educational Developments Issue 17.1 – 2016.

Rowell, C. (2017). Emergency Rations #EdTechRations: What’s so important we can’t leave it at home? 1st ed. David Hopkins, 2017.

Rowell, C. 2017).  The 12 Apps of Christmas – an open online CPD course – Blackboard Blog. (accessed 13/4/17). Available from:

Gutierrez, A., Slimani-Rolls, A., & Rowell, C. (2018). Assessment as a learning process: the use of Exploratory Practice to empower students and to foster teacher development. Revista SOLETRAS, (35), 55-71. Available from:

Rowell, C. ed. (2019). Social Media in Higher Education – Case Studies, Reflections and Analysis. London: Open Book Publishing.

Recent Blog posts

Rowell, C. (2015).  ‘Reflections on the 12 Apps of Christmas’. #ALT Blog, 30th November. Available at:  (Accessed 20.20)

Rowell, C. (2016). ‘LTHEchat 57: Open CPD’. #LTHEchat, 5th June. Available at (accessed 20.1.20).

Rowell, C. (2019). ‘Conceptualising the Digital University – The intersection of policy, pedagogy and practice’. #ALT Blog, 17th April. Available at: (Accessed 14.1.20).

Rowell, C. (2019). ‘LTHEchat 161: Social Media in HE’. #LTHEchat, 9th December. Available at (accessed 14.2.20).

Rowell, C. (2020) ‘Research in Learning Technology: Top 10 2019’, #ALT Blog, 8th January. Available at: (Accessed 14.1.20).



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