Social Media in HE: Reviews

Book Flyer – Social Media in HE


Happy to announce that ‘Social Media in Higher Education’ has been published.

You can buy a copy (paperback/hardback) or download a free digital version from Open Book Publishers.

“An experiment in form and content, its aim is to be a guide and map of some of the opportunities to develop more open and networked practices while navigating the potential downsides of social media, including perceived loss of privacy and amplification of disadvantage and abuse. It is an excellent and accessible starting point for, as well as route to, a deeper understanding and a more sophisticated use of social media”.
Prof. Shân Wareing, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), London South Bank University.

“This is the first volume to give such detailed attention to this area of high interest. Its innovative approach extends to its creation, with contributors found via their presence on Twitter. The short and impactful chapters are accessible while retaining an academic focus through their application of relevant learning theories and educational context. Social Media and Higher Education is essential reading for any professional working in higher education, including lecturers teaching education courses. It is also significant for researchers looking at more recent developments in the field and what it means to work in a modern higher education environment”.

Review by Australian Journal of Education

“The book is a great resource for people involved in professional development training of academic and support staff within the higher education sector as it has the ability to upskill a range of learners through its case studies and reflections. It could be easily adapted into modules or be used as a standalone text as part of a professional development program or teaching resource”.

Choice review – American Library Association
“Editor Rowell (London South Bank Univ.) has curated works by leading practitioners and lecturers from across top universities in the UK and Canada to present a modern and innovative look at how social media is impacting higher education. A unique success of marrying theoretical and practical science […] Readers would benefit from additional commentary from Rowell, or others, regarding how all of these ideas fit together and what they indicate for the future of educational social media”.


Journal of Interactive Media in Education.

“I would say this collection achieves its aims to be a book inspired by social media in its format and style. The chapters are shorter than usual for an academic book, have a contemporary accessibility and relevance to practice similar to that found in blog posts and, whilst consciously limiting the reference lists to academic work, effectively direct a reader to sources of further information. Academic debates such as those about perceptions and experiences of privacy, identity and power are woven throughout the book, whilst keeping attention to practical recommendations for designers, teachers and leaders in Higher Education. Be prepared to be challenged, entertained and inspired.”


Rowell, C. ed. (2019). Social Media in Higher Education – Case Studies, Reflections and Analysis. London: Open Book Publishing.