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Here’s a brief list of some of the recent blog posts on PokemonGo and learning technology (in no particular order):

My ALT Trustee election statement


ALT member

Voting for two new trustees of ALT is now open so if you are a eligible member to vote you will probably have already received an email with voting instructions. Here is my election statement:

“I am standing for the position of ALT Trustee because of my commitment to education and learning technology. As a trustee I will try to influence and shape the future work of the association by bringing my own expertise to the role:

  • Promotion of Open Online CPD. Over the last few years I have run and developed a number of open online course for those involved in the ALT community such as The 10 Days of Twitter and 12 Apps of Christmas.
  • Closer collaboration with other Professional Associations. In the past I have served on the Staff and Educational Development Association’s (SEDA) national executive and Conference Committee as well as working closely with CILIP and ARLG. I would like to see closer links with these organisations.

Over the last 30 years I have had extensive experience of working in Further and Higher Education as a FE/HE lecturer and more recently as a Learning Technology manager. In all of these roles I have pioneered the use of new and innovative uses of technology to enhance the students learning experience. I have completed my Certified Member of the ALT (CMALT) in 2011 and I’m currently an Assistant Editor of the ALT blog.”

For more details and the other candidates election statements visit the ALT  website.



#TdeB Certificate


Cetificate TdeB

#TdeB is now up on the wall

Evaluating #TdeB week 2


User Activity

User activity at the end of week 2 (and end of the course)…full analysis to come at a later date

Building Digital Capabilities


I went to an excellent talk by James Clay on Building Digital Capabilities at the London Region Staff Development Network this afternoon.James described the skills needed by staff in a wide range of academic, administrative and professional roles to thrive in a modern University environment.

He gave an outline JISC’s Digital Capability Framwork and the discovery, diagnostic and reflective tools that will help university staff in a range of roles identify and reflect on current skills levels and digital capability, and make plans for how these can be improved.


He also highlighted the Digital Leader Programme starting in October – which I would love top go to but at over £2000 this will have to wait a awhile – or maybe JISC could offer a cheaper online version?

On a side note the meeting was held at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine – they had some fabulous lighting in the basement, as you walked down a corridor a sensor triggered images of bugs (they looked liked cockroaches on the floor):




Evaluating #TdeB week 1


TdeB stats week 1

I knew that the timing for our CPD course was possibly the worst time of the year. The start of July is not a good time for staff training in a university – not just because teaching has finished and there is very little reason to come into the university but because lecturers fill so exhausted at the end of the academic year. However, I just wanted to build a ‘prototype’ version of the course and I felt it a good time to experiment with just a few participants on the course. We did very little advertising for it too, just an advert on the intranet and some posters at the staff conference and I was really only expecting 5 or 10 max to sign up for it. In the end we got 19 which is about twice as many as i was expecting.

It must too early to get a full picture of whats been happening on the TdeB course but the above diagram shows us one indicator of the participants engagement. In the first week Monday 4th July 9am until Monday 11th July 9am it has had 920 hits on the course….not bad at all. It does show that the participants are at least going and having a look. Not surprisingly the main areas they are looking at are the activities on the various ‘stages’. Quite a few have introduced themselves on the ‘hello’ section but there hasn’t been any activity on the discussions boards

It will be interesting to see if this level of engagement keeps up in the second week of the course..we shall see:).



Bring me sunshine….Agenda for London Blackboard User Group 8th July


Steve and James

Final agenda for London Blackboard User Group meeting on: Friday 8th July 2016, 12.30pm – 4.30pm

12:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Welcome, introduction and housekeeping (James Leahy & Steve Dawes, Regent’s University London)

13:45 – Introductions

14:00 – Customer Success and Engaging with Digital Capabilities (Gillian Fielding, Blackboard)

14:20 – Tour de Blackboard (Chris Rowell, Regent’s University London)

14:30 – New Help Pages on Blackboard – How Can We Get Student Feedback? (Giulia Neri, University of Law)

14:40 – Break

15:10 – Better Student Engagement through the Blackboard Home Tab (Danny Ball & Luke Dunwall, Canterbury Christchurch University)

15:25 – Using Journals to Engage Students in Formative Feedback (Steve Dawes, Regent’s University London)

15:40 – Blackboard Update and Q&A (Anne Cross, Blackboard)

16:15 – Next steps and discussion

16:30 – Close – and onwards for drinks

At: Regent’s University London, Park Campus, Inner Circle, Regent’s Park

 If you haven’t yet registered you can do so here: http://goo.gl/forms/XZCiof71zHJKk8Vk1

ALLEZ! ALLEZ! Vive le #TdeB



Slides for London Blacboard User Group 8th July 2016.


Badges for the #TdeB



#TdeB Badges

We the aid of Steve Dawes @malkatraz we set up some #TdeB badges this week. Participants on the course can earn 3 different types of badge (shown above). Also they will receive a certificate of completion after the final stage next week. This is the first first time we have enabled this feature to work in our Blackboard so its been a good ‘learning curve’ for us and how we can use them on on other modules.


The Flipped Induction – slides


For the APT conference 2016 Greenwich University


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