I have been supporting one of our lecturer’s here at Regent’s College, Anabel Gutierrez who is using Turnitin Peer Review.

In my role as a Learning Technologist I did a demonstration of Turnitin Peer Review to staff in September 2011. Anabel saw the demonstration and set up Peer Review assignment with her students studying the Information Management module. Turnitin Peer ReviewThe immediate feedback from the students was very positive. At the end of the module when the assessment had been completed I went into the lesson and spoke to the students. What they really liked about it was the opportunity to see their colleagues work. They said that they really liked to see how their work compared to others in the class.

This academic year (2011-12) Anabel repeated the assignment with a different class doing the same module (Information Management) which is a module on the BA in International Business.

Evaluation. First, student Peer review questionnaire was created and given to students. Turnitin Peer Review Questionnaire Results. Secondly I interviewed Anabel Interview questions on Turnitin Peer review for lecturer. You can hear the interview here http://soundcloud.com/rowellc/usining-turnitin-peer-review?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=twitter&utm_content=http://soundcloud.com/rowellc/usining-turnitin-peer-review or alternatively read the Transcript of interview with Anabel Gutierrez

This term we plan to do the same evaluation again, but this time with post-graduate students on the MBA. So we will do a questionnaire with students in week 9 of the course and I will do a similar interview with Anabel when the module is complete. it will be interesting to compare the undergraduates results with the post graduates and compare the similarities and differences.

At the end it would be great to turn this into a conference presentation or journal article…watch this space!